Introducing Simone

Having spent my entire professional career working in the non-porfit and higher education sectors, I have a visceral undertanding to the unique challenges and rewards of these arenas. As a busy professional myself, I empathise with those who work too much, take too little time for themslves, who may experience physical pain from holding on to the daily stress of: tight deadlines, lack of sleep, tired eyes and joints from working at a screen. These things build up in the body, they're like gunk. Living in a constant state of tension--in physiological terms--builds up cortisol in the body and bloodstream; it's our fight or flight, stress hormone. This was once my normal.

This extreme, yet sedate lifestyle led me to many sleepless nights, tired eyes, prolonged shallow breathing, and a perpetual feeling on not having enough time to get things done. These are the self-imposed problems that led me to seek some resolution. First, I made the conscious decision to make time for deep breathing. Shallow breating is a learned condition.

Back to My Roots

I became interested in Tibetan singing bowls over 2 decades ago, when I studied various spinning and percussive techniques with these hand-hammered bronze bowls. The practice was a relaxing one for me, and I reveled in teaching others to play bowls to enhance their own meditative practice.

portrait of Simone Jenifer in the studio I went back to my birthplace inthe West Indies and spent time with the aunts and uncles who at 70+ years old, still work everyday at farming, or retail, or education. They take life more slowly and do not conform to the pace to which I am accustomed. They breathe deeply, eat slowly, and take time to enjoy the moments that make up life. I brought these practices back to my home in Maryland. Each and every day, I make time to step away and breathe deeply and intentionally. I make time daily for a mindful recharge. And I no longer live in a constant state of tension.

I too Recharge with a Sound Bath

In addition to facilitating sound bath and sound meditation sessions, I regularly partake of a sound bath facilitated by other practiotioners. These sessions slow the heart rate, clear the mind, and offer clarity. It's an imortant part of my personal well-being.

I make time daily to step away and breathe deeply...intentionally.

Sessions In my Studio

927 Montpelier Street, on Alternating Tuesdays

image of hands on singing bowl@ Funk in the Trunk Studio is where I convene a bi-weekly sound bath for members of the community. These small sessions, of one to five guests, take place in a safe and comfortable space. While the guests are different at most sessions, the practice is the same; an hour-long relaxing and meditative sound bath that brings clarity to a busy work week or a hectic life.

In the studio space is also my art studio, where I open up alternating Tuesdays to community members to create arts and crafts projects. This is a wonderfyl way for me to interact with friends and neigbhors, be creative, and gain inspiration from those around me. This shared experience is another meditative and clarity-bringing activity.

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