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I was born on Antigua, in the village of Golden Grove.

My training in fine art, photography, textiles and sculpture has greatly influenced my graphic design education. I continually keep the principles of movement, space, contrast, and composition in the forefront when working on new projects. My passions include biking, arts and culture, health and nutrition, and travel. This is reflected in the types of freelance projects I choose to work on.
When not designing, I’m biking around my awesome city, taking pictures, attending a concert, freelancing, or looking very continental while dining al fresco.

Design marries all that I love about visual art: form, function, balance, movement, color…with a concrete message. I absolutely love what I do!

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2014 - Present | Montpelier Orchard Green space Steward
2013 - 2013 | Graphic Design Community College Judge
2012 - 2014 | NAF Charter School / Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Youth Mentor
2010 - 2013 Binge & Purge Clothing Swap Coordinator, graphic designer
Coppin Acaedmy Public Charter School Pro Bono Graphic Design
Moveable Feast Food delivery volunteer
Port Discovery Children's Museum Graphic Design Intern




My professional experience includes several years in the nonprofit, corporate, and higher education arenas: developing and conducting informational workshops and training courses for faculty, designing and analyzing communications strategies to successfully reach target audiences. I'm talented in editorial writing, developing long-term strategic communications plans; focusing on the web, print, digital/multi-media, and social media. I also provide asset design and development, data collection and analysis to gauge and improve campaign success.

Curriculum Vitae


University of Baltimore Master of Arts, Publications Design


University of Baltimore Bachelor of Arts, Corporate Communications

2007 - PRESENT - Freelance Designer

9/12 - PRESENT Loyola University Maryland: Instructional Media Developer

2014 - PRESENT University of Baltimore: Adjunct Professor

2/11 - 9/12 Baltimore Community Foundation: Communications Officer [Interactive Design]

4/09 - 2/11 American College of Nurse Midwives: Graphic Designer

Mac & Windows • Adobe Creative Cloud • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite • Blog & Editorial Writing • Content Management Systems: SiteCore, Site Executive, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Contensive, WordPress • Digital Video & Photography • E-Newsletters / Email Marketing: Constant Contact, MagnetMail, MailChimp • PeopleSoft • Google Analytics • Learning Management Systems: Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai • CareerSpots • Microsoft Office 2010 - 2013 • Office 365, Office 2017-2013 • Responsive Website Design • Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, HootSuite Social Media Management Dashboard

Technology & Skills Summary

Print, Digital, and Web Media

98% Complete (success)

Professional Development

85% Complete (success)

Social Media Management

80% Complete (success)

Event Planning

50% Complete (success)

Technology Training

75% Complete (success)


Design Services

I began freelancing as an undergrad, after successfully having changed my major for the 5th time. I had an aptitude for the business side of creativity. Conversely, had little aptitude for pursuing the American dream (as defined: acquisition of bigger and better status symbols, up to 2.5 kids, a shiny car, an ulcer, a nine-to-five, and an addiction to talking constantly about all of the above). Although most of my creative services are not pro bono, I do complete a few pro bono projects each year-for clients and organizations whose mission(s) closely align with my personal ethos.



web, print, social

  • Content Management
  • Web Design
  • Print Collaterals
  • Environmental Design
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube, Vimeo




Need help building a social media presence? Or managing your media offerings? I offer comprehensive introductory training in social media and Web 2.0 tools, content management systems and learning management systems, plus video production and graphic design software.



My Students' Design

I regularly teach undergraduate digital communication and graphic design classes and workshops. These are some recent, exceptional projects completed by my students. One student worked as my summer intern to help develop the Technology Field Guide Mobile application.

In recent years I've facilitated a number of workshops, presentations, and training courses. This is due to the increased need for career professionals outside of the design community to understand design tools, social media, and analytics. Plus, I love to share my knowledge. My CV outlines much of this work.


Stephen B.

Digital Publishing


Photographer, artist, writer. Stephen's avant garde vision qualified all of his work. This is a detail of an event invitation he created as part of his identity package.


Rachel M.

Digital Publishing


Illustrator, graphic designer. After viewing her illustrations and layout of this children's book project, I offered her an internship to help develop a mobile app.


Barkado A.

Digital Imaging


Public relations, and makeup. Barkado is a talented makeup artist who learned to love graphic design in this class. Developed her brand and website this semester.


Lori Beth I.

Digital Imaging


Graphic Design, and branding. Lori Beth is talented and creative. She produced top caliber work even on simple class projects, like this Photoshop masking activity


Guided Visualization



Ongoing Project

I'm in the process of completing a mobile app that provides meditation and relaxation techniques in the form of Guided Visualizations & Meditation audio / video. This was one of the early recordings that uses my photography and very simple, clean edits.


Art & Design


These are a few of my favorite projects and pieces.



creative. lifestyle. education.


I started Simone Jenifer Design blog in order to ask and answer questions, show off my recent projects work, and share resources and tutorials. I soon learned that new designers and student have a lot of questions that are not asked or answered in their classes. One day a student asked me, "Is it [the job market] rough out there?" The blog quickly grew to encompass answers about the job market and career advice for creative professionals.

When teaching I utilize WordPress blogs as supplemental, interactive educational resources. Working within a blog content management system allows my students to develop real world skills in conjunction with writing and graphic design.

My personal blog, the Practical DINK, covers the topics and interests of one couple, my husband and I. We chose a child free, Dual Income, No Kids lifestyle, and it works for us.

The Practical Dink

Where have all the Graphic Design Jobs Gone?


For the first time in recent history--four years or so--the graphic design job market does not lead the pack in creative services job postings. A newly graduated friend sent me his portfolio to review and then wanted to talk about the fact that his job search seemed to be in limbo. He's been applying for a couple months now, with nary a nibble.
The jobs of yesteryear that focused on print marketing, direct mail, and analog client contact are now replaced with the dynamic and/or social design positions. We can't get away from it. The medium is changed.

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Teaching Update…a Thank-You Note


Last spring I tried out the flipped classroom approach to teaching, and got a slew of mixed reviews from my students. The first half of session was administered as a traditional undergrad class, then I moved to a flipped model after spring break. One of my students called me crazy--and she was right. This season has been much better. With this model, it's obvious when students skip the textbook/video elements when we work in class, and I have time to really take notice. The real bonus is that I get to give everyone individual time without holding back the more advanced designers or rushing the novices.

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Interview Question: What are your Strengths?


Yes, What are your strengths? I realize that there are so many to choose from! Tough…pick 3. The fact is that the interviewer may only ask for one or 2, but you want to have that third one in the chamber, just in case. Select three traits or attributes that are most beneficial for the position/type of work and give examples. This is not the time to list your technical skills. They already have that information on your resume. Instead use this time to talk about you and your work ethos; employers want to know if you:

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When not sketching in my gazebo or designing in my office, you can find me on the campus of Loyola University Maryland on most weekdays. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, search me out and sit in on a class ot University of Baltimore. Of course, there's always my home office that's a bit messy, but comfortable.

You will never find me using free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or book store.

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